Media, Communications & Arts Lab

Creative Media Content Creation, Media Literacy

Media, Communications & Arts Lab

Producing creative media content is an efficient way of improving reading comprehension and writing skills.

We are surrounded by smart devices and screens all day, which may actively take up 4-6 hours of our time. In our view, creating content, watching a video on YouTube, using Google, keeping in touch with friends, and online games are all quite interesting. In the workshop, we must not forget about classical arts, as any piece of art may be interpreted as media content, as well.

Here we become creative content creators and conscious, critical media users at the same time, be it by using cutting-edge media devices or well-known classical arts from the past.

During our time in the workshop, we come up with several interesting ideas and look for a way to express them. We write a script, direct and shoot a film, plan, make a sculpture, draw a painting, dance, make music, or even do theatre. Then we show the world what we have created.

We learn the language of media tools together, learn about the wide range of genres and ways of expression, and hopefully even grasp the border between reality and fiction.

All this will develop our critical thinking, creativity, communicative and cooperative skills, and our empathy. Not only our reading comprehension, but also our writing skills will most certainly improve. So, basically everything that we consider important qualities in the 21st century.