Digital Making Lab

For Those Who Like to Build

Digital Making Lab

Our aim is to not only find our way in the digital world, but rather to shape it and become inventors of the future.

We take apart and put together, build, plan, draw, saw, drill, solder, 3D print, program, and make interactive gadgets. We create. Why? Because we love doing this: we love redefining, rebuilding, and showing things. Why is it useful? Because through creation, we learn how to use our creativity, dexterity, or even our analytical programming skills to make products and provide services.

Our aim is not only to find our way in the digital world, but rather to shape it and become creators and inventors of the future. Nowadays, innovation, invention, and production are not privileges of huge companies exclusively. Millions can earn a living from home-made computer games, handcrafted jewellery, or Kickstarter projects. Most of today’s largest modern enterprises started out in a garage, following the work of some brave tinkers.

We consider teamwork important, so we encourage each other to experiment freely and make our ideas real. Teammates create projects on their own, which they later demonstrate at demo exhibitions every few months.

At the Digital Making Workshop, we will continuously solve problems and challenges in teams so that creativity, innovation, business, cooperation, and the newest element of PISA tests, the collaborative problem-solving skills may evolve naturally. To put it plainly, we learn to develop creative products together in teams.